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Dragon's blood jasper tumble

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Dragon's blood jasper tumble

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Dragon's blood jasper tumble

Dragon's blood jasper tumbled stone approx 10-13gms each

Take one look at Dragon Blood Jasper, and it’s not hard to see why so many believers get caught up in the stone’s mystique. From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. But once you dive into its lore, meaning, and properties, Dragon Blood Jasper becomes even more special!

Predominantly mined in Western Australia and South Africa, its colorful appearance inspired many legends throughout history. The stone features splashes of vibrant green Epidote, wisps of fiery red, and veins of high-contrast white. 

Like all forms of Jasper, this stone is a form of cryptocrystalline Quartz. The trace minerals and impurities give it its iconic swirls and texture. 

The connection to blood and battles is not a coincidence. Ancient folklore says that Dragon’s Blood Jasper was a powerful talisman that protected fighters on the field. It was a common gift from wives to soldiers. When carried, it was said to prevent a single drop of a warrior’s blood from falling on the battlefield.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper isn’t as widespread as other popular healing crystals. However, its eye-catching beauty and strong healing properties make it a sought-after stone for collectors and healing practitioners worldwide.

Like the mythological creature it’s named after, the main Dragon Blood Jasper meaning is all about strength and bravery. Dragons were the epitome of brute force! They were capable of taking out entire battalions with one breath or a flutter of their enormous wings.

Obviously, Dragons are nothing but the stuff of legend and fantasy. However, this stone is said to emit energy that will embolden you just like these mythical creatures.

The multi-colored healing stone is a wonderful companion to have in all of life’s challenging moments. Instead of cowering in fear at the unknown, you can face every obstacle that comes your way. In turn, many say that they experience a wide range of secondary emotions they were never able to feel before.

Climbing those unscalable mountains provides wisdom and joy that few encounters can replicate. The meaning and properties of Dragon Blood Jasper are largely responsible for that, helping you reach a new phase of enlightenment and happiness in your life.

Many call this stone the “Protector of Life,” as it helps to bring light and love to every facet of your being. In fact, it’s one of the most popular crystals for protection that you can find.

Each crystal/ jewellery is individual and unique, and may differ from actual image. We will instinctively choose the most loveliest pieces for you!