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Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! A wide range of herbs and spices to suit any spell or ritual, they’re a powerful tool that carry a high vibration making them a popular element. Each one has its own spiritual property to aid in your journey. Cinnamon for abundance, lavender for cleansing, rose petals for love. Made for the ones who indulge in spell crafting, mixing concoctions, tinctures and brews, or simplyΒ add to your favourite spell jar, poppet or charm.

Gothic $50 mystery value box ~ for spooky people who like to live on the edge!!!


Poison and Arsenic mug set


Gothic rose incense value pack


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted black witches salt 50gms


Cedarwood Essential Oil 11ml


Lemon Essential Oil 11ml


Sweet Orange Essential Oil 11ml


Rose 2.5% in Jojoba Essential Oil 11ml


Tranquility Essential Oil Blend 11ml


Inspiration Essential Oil Blend 11ml


Australian Bush Scents Essential Oil Blend 11ml


Bergamot Essential Oil 11ml


Bliss Essential Oil Blend 11ml


Clove Bud Essential Oil 5ml


Eucalyptus Essential Oil 11ml


Heart & Soul Essential Oil Blend 11ml