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Our crystal shop is a treasure trove of beautiful crystals that can help you balance your energy, promote spiritual healing, and create an aura of protection in your surroundings. With our extensive collection, you'll find everything you need to enhance your crystal journey. Peaceful amethyst, cleansing selenite, lucky jade and lovely rose quartz, there’s no limit on how crystals can enrich your life and promote healing. Discover their meanings and check out our collection of books for more inspiration!

Purple flash labradorite palm stones


Ruby and marcasite bat brooch in sterling silver


Amethyst crescent moon detailed sterling silver pendant


Black obsidian crescent moon detailed sterling silver pendant


Moonstone detailed lotus pendant in sterling silver


Selenite tumbled stone


A-Grade Labradorite tumbled stone


Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha - facial sculpting tool with luxury gift box


8mm Black Obsidian with Gold or Silver Sheen Beaded Bracelet


Pink Crazy Lace Agate Butterfly Wings 1


Yellow Crazy Lace Agate Wings 1


Rainbow Plume Agate Wings 1


Jasper Angel Wings 1


Chrysoprase Statement Piece 1


Chrysoprase Statement Piece 2


Labradorite Freeform Statement Piece