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Celtic pentagram sterling silver ring

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Celtic pentagram sterling silver ring

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Celtic pentagram sterling silver ring

925 sterling silver pentagram ring with a triquetra design

Width of design 13mm width of band 1.5mm

The pentagram is an ancient symbol used in many cultures magical rituals. The symbol of the pentagram symbolises a lot of different things for different cultures,Β three goddesses, mother nature, the importance of five-ness, the five stages of life and death and even protection. In the work of witchcraft it is placed on the alter always with the top point up. Contrary to popular belief it does not attract evil.

A popular interpretation today is that the act of combining the triquetra, which itself is unicursal and, therefore, a symbol of eternity, with the circle enhances the power of each of both the elements. The triquetra with the interlaced circle has become a popular symbol of love.

Some neopagans also use the triquetra in their iconography. Often it represents the three stages of life, particularly in women, described as a maid, mother, and crone. The aspects of the triple goddess are named the same, and thus it can also be a symbol of that particular concept.

The triquetra can also represent concepts such as past, present, and future; body, mind, and soul; or the Celtic concept of land, sea, and sky. It is also sometimes seen as a symbol of protection, although these interpretations are often based on the mistaken belief that ancient Celts ascribed the same meaning to it.