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Luna Lovewitch enchanted herbs - Basil

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Luna Lovewitch enchanted herbs - Basil

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Luna Lovewitch enchanted herbs - Basil


| Abundance | Cleansing | Relaxing | Love | Banishment |

Basil is an important household herb, which has a fragrant scent that fills the area
with its warm aroma. It is known for its protective, relaxing and peaceful properties,
including luck as it is said to offer good wishes. Basil is also a magical herb used for
love as it assists in opening the heart to compassion and forgiveness. Known as the
‘royal herb’ in ancient Greece, it was used to purify holy water. In addition to this, in
other ancient cultures it was used as an offering for the dead for safe passage into
the spirit realm.

Suggested use:
- Basil is perfect for spell work related to money, luck and love.
- To help create a barrier from evil, hang or grow basil in each four corners of your
- For kitchen witches looking for love, infuse into a hot cup of tea, inviting love into
your life.

Zodiac alignment: Scorpio
Planetary companions: Mars
Energy: Masculine
Element: Fire
Mantra: I call upon basil’s charm to head my honest plea, to garnish life with extra spice and increase power bestowed upon me.


~ Always use caution when burning magickal herbs, powders, roots & barks as it is hot and may burn you or burn holes in fabric. Select a space a safe distance from any flammable materials, table cloths, curtains, lampshades etc.

~Always keep unlit and burning magickal herbs, powders, roots & barks away from children and pets. Curiosity may lead to accidents & injury.

~Always use in a well-ventilated area. Never leave magickal herbs, powders, roots & barks burning while unattended, during sleep or if leaving your home to go out.

~Do not ingest, as directed on labels, these herbs, powders, roots and barks are not for human consumption. Luna Lovewitch Enchanted herbs are sold as ritual incense and botanical curios only.

~If you are pregnant or nursing small children, please see your doctor or health care practitioner before using these products.

Legal disclaimer:

This care sheet and information on product label and our website is for informative purposes only and should not be considered professional advice. Metaphysical healing and other properties given about herbs, powders, roots and barks are for ritual incense and botanicals curios only and should not replace any medical advice or treatment.  While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, these products are based ancient folklore and myth. Some products may suggest supernatural powers and psychic abilities, however we make no claims to their esoteric properties. Luna Lovewitch and The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse (TCAWW Pty Ltd) cannot be held responsible for any damage and/injury suffered resulting from actions and/or decisions using these products. Please do not self-diagnose any condition regarding your own or another’s health. Always seek professional advice.