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Zodiac crystal Pack - Taurus April 20 ~ May 20

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Zodiac crystal Pack - Taurus April 20 ~ May 20

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Zodiac crystal Pack - Taurus April 20 ~ May 20

This zodiac pack is for our stubborn, dependable and hard-working Tauruses! All tumbles are handpicked and mindfully curated to complement the energy of a Taurus.

Known for their stubborn nature, Tauruses tend to be quite resistant to change, valuing stability and security above all they search to succeed greatly in their lives. This is evident in their finances; Tauruses thrive in their workplaces due to their incredibly hard-working nature. They attract money like a magnet when they put all their effort into their skills and talents. This determination fuels their whole lives. They are hopeless romantics with a very sensual nature, dedicated to long term love. It is just in their warm, gentle and dependable nature! This star sign is one to stop and smell and flowers, attracted to the finer things in life and enjoy the explorations of all senses. 

Your Zodiac kit will come with 5 tumbled stones designed to support a Taurus! We have Aventurine for caring & nurturing, Lapis Lazuli for intuition, Moss Agate for patience, Rose Quartz for love and Smokey Quartz for grounding to enhance their beautiful nature. As well as a bonus Clear Quartz! All cleansed and ready to support!

As all crystals are unique and different, crystals are chosen instinctively for your order and may differ slightly from main image. Please be assured we will choose the loveliest pieces for you!